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  • 1995

Anti-Microbial Tactical Service Duty Mask
  • Built of proprietary IRONCLOTH® antimicrobial fabric; the most technically advanced fabric for masks today.
  • Integrated antimicrobial coating kills 98% of pathogens - even after 50 washes!
  • The only adjustable reusable Tactical Service Duty mask on the market.
  • Filters dust, allergens, pathogens, and other small airborne particulates.
  • Accepts filter disposable non-woven melt-blown PM 2.5 poly filters for added protection.
  • Tactical Service Duty design: Fit & Finish, multiple sizes, and colors to complement your department’s uniform.
  • Adjustable breakaway head strap assures a comfortable fit while delivering maximum protection and effectiveness.
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Some of the proceeds from the purchase of masks go to charitable organizations supporting families of fallen and service-disabled Tactical Service Duty personnel.
  • Superior material provides superior safety

  • TSD designed - performance assurance

  • Utility - multiple uses

  • Convenient - situation ready

  • An ideal addition to a standard equipment issue

  • Durable/comfortable/breathable

  • Reusable, convenient, economical


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this mask like an N95?
A. No. N95 masks are for one-time use ONLY and filter up to 95% of particulate matter. The N95 should only be reserved for our healthcare professionals and front-liners. The AMIC TSD Mask is made for service duty use providing protection from up to 98% of particulate matter with the additional filter provided.

Q. How does the AMIC TSD Mask work and what is it made of?
A. AMIC TSD Mask is designed as a three-layer mask. The first layer of defense is our proprietary Ironcloth fabric that is treated with an anti-microbial solution that meets or exceeds ASTM standards. The second layer of protection is the replaceable melt blown polymer filter. And the third layer is the soft chambray fabric pouch that hold the filter in place and has been added for comfort on the face. The mask provides protection from up to 98% of particulate matter.
The AMIC TSD Mask is made for service duty use designed for proper covering with a tapered fit and elastic all-round binding to ensure optimal safety with a comfortable seal around the face.

Q. How often should the PM 2.5 filter be changed?
A. Please change to a new filter after 40 hours of use.

Q. Can the AMIC Mask be worn without filters?
A. Yes; the Anti-Microbial treatment is very effective on its own. The filters are added guards.

Q. How do I clean my AMIC TSD Mask?
A. Please HAND WASH ONLY in hot water using mild household laundry detergent. Machine dry on low heat in a laundry bag or simply hang dry.

Q. Can the PM 2.5 filters be washed with the mask?
A. No; please do not wash the filters. New filters can be purchased from IRONCLOTHUSA.COM.

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