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FlexRS™ material makes our fan-favorite SuperShirt® even better, with enhanced breathability, the durability of our proprietary low-profile ripstop material with Teflon® water-resistant coating, and the professional appearance of a regular patrol uniform.


  • FlexRS fabric blends the best of patrol and tactical uniforms - low-profile rugged stretch ripstop for durability, with water-resistant Teflon coating that performs like a BDU while looking like a patrol uniform
  • Stretch side mesh panels breathe and enhance your range of motion compared to a regular uniform shirt
  • Deployable reflective trim on pocket panels, inside cuffs, and underside of the rear collar provides adaptive 360 degree nighttime visibility
  • Center-mounted mic tab keeps your communications in easy reach
  • Anti-odor fabric treatment lets you stay fresher all shift long
  • Comfort cut lets you move freely without a binding fit
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Our FlexRS long sleeve uniform shirts packs in a ton of features, creating the ultimate in tactical and duty wear by blending the best features of patrol and tactical uniforms into one unbeatable package. Our proprietary stretch performance ripstop fabric gives you the look of a regular patrol uniform with the hidden durability of abrasion-resistant ripstop. A Teflon water-resistant coating keeps unwanted liquids away from your skin, without compromising the high breathability engineered into the material. Built-in moisture management technology with anti-odor treatment prevents sweat take-up for quick-drying, stay-fresh performance. FlexRS is built to take the stress of everyday wear at all levels of operation.

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