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Police and Sheriff Uniform Supply

U.S. Uniform & Supply offers the highest quality Sheriff and Police Uniforms in appearance, performance and durability from all major manufacturers. Together with our in house seamstress services for patch application, pant hemming and alterations, our large inventory ensures you will walk out of our store with what you came in for. Whether you need one uniform, are outfitting a new hire, or need uniforms for an entire department, we have it covered.

In addition to alterations, we offer in-house graphic design services and accept any logo in most formats. If needed, we can custom design logos for campaigns or special events. We are also a premier supplier of custom embroidered law enforcement apparel in the Midwest. None of our custom services are farmed out.

Sheriff and EMS Uniforms

Let's face it, there is a difference between the Sheriff's office and the police department and what lets the public know the difference is typically your uniforms. We offer high quality police uniforms and brown sheriff uniforms that will fit the needs of your department, no matter the size of your force. We also offer EMS uniforms for the men and women in our emergency services areas.

We offer an extensive array of uniforms from the major manufacturers including 5.11, Blauer, Propper, Pro-Tuff, Spiewak, TRU-SPEC, and Flying Cross. In addition, we offer academy uniforms, tactical uniforms, patrol duty uniforms and battle dress uniforms. We ensure they are sized correctly to accommodate personal protection vests so your officers have the fit they need to do their job safely.

We also offer a selection of shirts and pants for both summer and winter and sell only to authorized and verified law enforcement agencies.