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Trouser Belts

Shop for Safariland Duty Belts and More

Law enforcement personnel have a lot of required equipment to carry around these days and to ensure that the equipment is there when they need it, they need a reliable and quality product to hook it onto. Their duty belt needs to be reliable, high quality and durable to endure the stress their gear puts on it.

Basketweave and Safariland Duty Belts

Here at U.S. Uniform & Supply, we understand the needs of law enforcement agencies and we endeavor to supply you with the highest quality and most professional equipment we can. That’s why we have a large supply of what we believe is one of the most crucial parts of the uniform you need - a good belt.

We offer Safariland duty belts in all styles, including basketweave duty belt options. These duty belts fit well and are specifically designed for the equipment that officers carry. We have belts of all varieties. The belts we offer are made of a variety of materials depending on your needs. We have leather belts, nylon belts and the ever popular duty belts made with Safarilaminate finishes which improve durability and are easy to maintain.

We offer belts that are dual purpose belts - they have the support and durability to carry equipment without sagging, twisting, or losing their shape, and if need be, they can double as carry strap, emergency harness or a secure tie down. Feel free to scroll through our inventory; we are confident that we can meet your needs.

We have a ton of them in every size. Including, Cordovan Brown Basketweave, 5.11 and Boston Leather.