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Campaign Hats

Sheriff and Police Campaign Hat Products

U.S. Uniform & Supply has a large inventory of both Straw and Felt Brown Stratton Campaign hats in addition to all the components that you will need for the right fit. To ensure the longevity of your Sheriff hat, besides carrying all the protective coverings, we only stock the triple brim style so that you will not battle the inevitable curling of the lesser quality and cheaper double brim style.

Our Sheriff and Police and Straw Campaign Hat Selection

Everyone knows when officers exit their vehicles they always wear their hats. Whether they're on patrol, directing traffic from the scene of an accident, or at the scene of a crime, their hat signifies their professionalism and most of all, their authority. That's why officers need the best hats they can get, but also hats that will stand up to the rigor of police work.

We've tested the various hats and determined those that perform best. We do this not only for the officer who wears it, but for ourselves, because we stake our reputation on what we sell you.

Law enforcement officers have unique needs because they serve in all kinds of weather. It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or is blazing hot, they exit their vehicle and put their hat proudly on their heads. That is why we offer both felt hats and straw campaign hat products, because we know that your officers rely on you to get them the equipment that will enable them to do their job with the least discomfort possible.

Campaign Hat Brim Press

In addition to the campaign hats, we also supply the tools you need to keep those hats in good condition day after day and year after year. Our campaign hat brim press helps you do just that. This wooden press keeps your campaign hat brim flat and protects your investment. We also carry plastic hat traps. Don't go home without it.