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Handcuff Cases

Add Style and Function with A New Handcuff Case

Handcuff cases are a vital part of the equipment necessary for any law enforcement professional. These are also components of the belt that can take a lot of abuse and punishment getting in and out of vehicles and in the performance of your daily work.

Many police officers prefer to choose a leather handcuff case over the various soft types of cases on the market today. These cases are stiffer and tend to hold up over years of use without staining, snagging or tearing, making them a great addition to any uniform.

The Safariland Handcuff Case Basketweave Option

U.S Uniform & Supply is able to offer Bianchi nylon and Safariland handcuff cases, which are a standard handcuff case used by law enforcement. There are two different styles offered, one with is a closed top case and one which is open.

The choice of the two includes Bianchi’s dependable nylon or the iconic Safariland handcuff case basketweave pattern on the base of the case as well as on the covering flap for the closed topped style.

The basketweave pattern adds to the look of the case, providing a textured leather surface. This is ideal to prevent scrapes and scuffs that are so common in the smooth leather designs in handcuff cases.

At U.S. Uniform & Supply we offer both black and cordovan brown in our Safariland handcuff case basketweave options. To place an order or to learn more about this practical yet very stylish option in handcuff cases, give our staff a call today at 866-822-8166.