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Bayco Night Stick Traffic Wand


  • 4995

The Bayco NightStick Safety Light combines a full-size flashlight and a flood/flashing safety light in an all LED compact light-wage. Two body mounted push buttons control the lighting functions. The top button powers the tight-beam, long-throw 150 lumens flashlight in either momentary or constant-on mode. The bottom button controls the safety light. Pressing the bottom button once, turns on both sets of the BLUE/RED safety lights at full-power. Pressing the button a second time, causes the BLUE/RED safety lights to alternately strobe between the two colors. The 2-In-1 Safety Lights are the perfect choice when directing traffic or marking a hazardous area. Features Include an all LED construction, it has both a tight-beam long-throw flashlight and a wide-angle two colored flashing safety light array, Lighting modes: momentary and constant-on flashlight, full-power safety light, alternating color flashing safety light and dual-light (both the flashlight and safety light array at the same time). All LEDs have a 35,000 hour life. Oval shape with textured body and soft-touch finish feels great in your hand. Impact, chemical and moisture resistant.
Durability and Safety tested for the toughest situations
Designed in the USA with quality materials
Used in Tactical, Outdoor, Recreation levels
4 AA batteries included
Magnet clip and lanyard included

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