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Basketweave Duty Gear

Basketweave Duty Gear Products

U.S. Uniform & Supply has more Cordovan Brown Basketweave Duty Gear in stock than any other provider in the country. In addition, we have a full line of black basketweave duty gear.  Duty belts from size 26 to 60, holsters for almost every firearm and every accessory for the job at hand. It's no longer difficult to find brown duty gear, you've found us – U.S. Uniform & Supply.

Basketweave Duty Gear and More

When you send your people out to do their job, you want to make sure that they have everything they need to do the job right and to do the job safely. Law enforcement personnel have unique requirements over your average profession and if the gear they have isn't quality gear it can significantly impact their ability to do their job effectively. It could even cost lives. That's why you insist on the highest quality equipment you can find and you have found it, right here.

We offer the best in brown basketweave duty gear so not only does your department have the excellent equipment they need, but they maintain their professional appearance as well. You want your department to not only do good but to look good, too. Nothing looks better with a brown uniform than a brown basketweave duty belt. But that isn't all you can get at U.S. Uniform & Supply. For agencies that prefer black gear, we also have Safariland duty belts and Safariland mag pouch products available.

But we don't stop at belts and mag pouches because you need much more to equip an officer. These days, law enforcement officers carry more than ever and we supply it all. In addition to Safariland, we also carry Bianchi and 5.11 products. From holsters to cell phone holders, and cuff cases to radio holders, we have it all!