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Making A Change To The Sheriff Uniform

Posted by Mary Morgan on

Sheriff's departments have a much more diverse array of uniform color and styles than most of the municipal police departments in the US. Of course you have your traditional browns and tans, but there are some departments which wear an olive or hunter green while others wear a gray or even a black uniform.

At U.S. Uniform and Supply, many of the departments we work with are looking for an upgrade to their current uniform. In general, issues with durability and practicality of the uniforms, as well as the need for specific features are what drives the need for a change.

New Ideas and Technology

A good idea for most departments is to find out what officers like with the current sheriff uniform and what is not effective from their perspective. For instance, many departments are moving from the standard type of trouser to a more of a cargo pant style that is more comfortable and offers additional storage for essential items.

Offering even more changes to sheriff uniform options are the high-tech new fabrics that are continuously entering the market. These fabrics are breathable, moisture wicking, highly stain resistant and some can even have a cooling effect when they come in contact with moisture. Stain resistance is particularly important on the lighter colored tan, khaki and white shirts that can easily become stained on the job. Breathable, cooling fabrics come in particularly handy in the summer and for departments in the South.

Additional Mobility

Along with new technology, many of the standard uniform designs are being reimagined. The new designs we offer in both shirts and pants provide additional mobility and comfort, ideal for long hours of wear. These garments have panels and design options that prevent the fabric from binding and pulling, making it more comfortable for the officer to wear.

In addition to mobility, consider how the fabric of the sheriff uniform you are considering will stand up to a day in the field. Some of the shirts and pants use designs with sewn creases to provide a crisp, fresh look throughout the day, eliminating the wrinkled look that can occur on a day of getting in and out of vehicles.

One thing is for sure- the world of sheriff uniforms has never been so exciting. Browse our online selection or come by our Indianapolis store to see our offerings in person! Our friendly representatives would also be glad to take your questions or order over the phone. Call us at 866-822-8166

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