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Four Reasons to Use an External Vest Carrier

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At U.S. Uniform and Supply, we are continuously updating our selection of uniforms, gear, and accessories to match what is in demand by our law enforcement departments across the country. One of the equipment options we see increasing in popularity is the external vest carrier.

Taking a closer look at the features and benefits to these vest carriers leaves no question as to why they are so popular with law enforcement officers. Keep in mind, they do offer the same protection as an internal vest carrier, but they have some additional benefits to consider that set them apart.

Personal Comfort

With the carrier on the outside of the uniform, it is more comfortable for officers. All adjustments to the vest are very easy to make, allowing the officer to make changes throughout the day as needed without having to remove his or her shirt, make adjustments and then repeat the process later if needed.

Interior vest carriers can also cause rubbing, but with the external vest carrier, there is the additional layer of the uniform shirt to add padding and protection.

Conformity to Uniforms

Many of these styles of vest carriers are designed to look just like a uniform shirt, right down to the pockets and buttons. This gives a seamless appearance as they are worn over the standard long or short sleeved department shirt.

Options for Additional Gear Storage and Carrying

Different styles of these vest carriers will offer a variety of options for making it easy to carry some items in the pockets or the clips on the vest. Additionally, the vests are often designed to accommodate uniform microphones and other gear.


One of the biggest factors for most law enforcement officers is the ease of getting into an out of the external vest carrier compared to the internal vest carrier. This allows officers to remove the vest carrier in safe environments and then quickly get back into the vest when and as needed.

If you’ve been thinking of switching to an external vest carrier, shop our selection here. We even provide alterations at our Indianapolis store for local customers!

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