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Dressing Officers in Style Makes a Difference

Posted by Mary Morgan on

Over the last year, American law enforcement has taken a beating. Today’s officers feel less appreciated by the communities they serve than ever before. Job stress is at an all-time high and morale is at an all-time low.

There are large issues that our communities must tackle to deal with the stress facing our officers, but in the meantime, it’s important that departments do everything they can to make officers safe and feel good about doing their jobs.

Budget cuts and other economic factors can make it difficult for departments to provide things officers need, like uniforms, body armor, duty gear and accessories. But, in this time of unprecedented criticism for our men and women in uniform, nothing could be more dangerous than cutting the budget on the gear they need to do their jobs proudly, safely, and in style.

When our officers hit the street in uniforms that look new and formal, there is a confidence in their appearance that matches the respect the badge deserves. When officers are outfitted in well maintained uniforms, body armor, and high quality duty gear, they are equipped to serve their communities that they are sworn to serve. On the other hand, when officers report to work in faded uniforms and in weathered and worn gear, their morale may be a bit faded, as well as well as their ability to serve safely with pride.

If your job entails purchasing police, corrections, or sheriff uniforms for your department, don’t give into the temptation to pinch pennies at the expense of your officers. Work with your uniform and accessories provider to come up with ways to secure the best pricing and save money on shipping or other costs. Your supplier may have ways to help you save by buying in bulk, or by recommending duty gear that is more durable and longer lasting.

Each day when officers leave home to protect us, they deserve to do so in uniforms they are proud to wear.

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