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Professional Law Enforcement Uniforms, Apparel, and Gear

As one of the largest supplier of law enforcement equipment in the Midwest, U.S. Uniform & Supply offers a vast inventory of high quality apparel for men and women serving on the front lines of duty in our nation.

Law Enforcement Apparel

We house an extensive selection of apparel to cover your uniform needs. Our product inventory includes: law enforcement uniforms, uniform shirts, black duty gear, cordovan brown basketweave duty gear, less-lethal products, body armor, footwear, pants, outerwear, campaign hats, gloves, flashlights, handcuffs, handcuff cases, belts, batons, concealment, vest systems, casual wear and t-shirts.

Your Police Uniform Store

We have been serving law enforcement units and professionals since 1990 – and to that point we are the largest supplier of cordovan brown basket weave duty gear and brown sheriff uniforms.

Whether you need law enforcement tactical gear, a brown police uniform, a navy or black uniform, a sheriff uniform, basket weave duty belt, police campaign hat, Safariland mag pouch or EMS uniforms, you’ll find tons of options to meet your uniform requirements and preferences.

Logos Designs

At U.S. Uniform & Supply, we know that the logos you wear represent you, your duty and your mission. We provide customized logos for qualified public safety professionals in any city, state or county in the U.S.

Embroidering and Alterations

We are also proud to offer on-site embroidering and alteration services for law enforcement. From patches to name tape and collars, we can do it all! If you need alterations, we can handle that too. We understand the importance of comfort when it comes to law enforcement apparel so we make sure you get the perfect fit, every time.

Call us today at (866) 822-8166 or send us an email through our contact form.